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ESD Seasonal Forecaster: V2

The world’s first app to bring near-term global climate predictions for the next three months to your device.

World-leading climate predictions.

Access long-range global weather projections from the world’s pioneering numerical weather predication systems. Years of research at the world’s leading weather & climate research centres has resulted in a new generation of predictive models bridging the gap between conventional short-range forecasts and super-long-term climate-change projections: a.k.a. ‘seasonal forecasting’, generating forecasts for one to three months ahead of time. This is a different style of forecasting, indicating monthly average conditions rather than forecasts of individual days. Made possible by increases in computing power and forecasting model development at national forecasting centres, The ESD Seasonal Forecaster processes raw output from these models and delivers projections direct to your device each month for three months ahead. We select raw data from the world’s four most advanced forecasting systems and provide legible data to you giving you the info far beyond your regular forecasts. Put yourself in the best position with the best long-term weather intelligence


Version 2 now includes global temperature estimates from NASA, NOAA and HadCRU5 – three of the de-facto global temperature records used to monitor Earth’s current heating. Monitor the latest monthly temperature indices, showing Earth’s warming compared to pre-industrial periods. These indices are used by the U.N. to assess our proximity to established ‘safe’ levels of global heating, such as the 1.5° and 2.0°C IPCC heating thresholds.


3 Month Global Forecasts.

Projections of average-monthly temperature and rainfall for the next three months for anywhere on the globe. Analysing raw data from the four most advanced numerical weather prediction systems on Earth.

World-leading data.

The Season Forecaster is underpinned with data only from the world's four leading seasonal forecasting programs: The United Kingdom Meteorological Office, Météo-France, ECMWF, DWD and NCEP/NOAA. Scientifically the most advanced systems available.

Developed by scientists.

The ESD Seasonal Forecaster has been developed by climate & weather scientists. 20+ years of research experience in the making, data science to front-end design. The app auto-updates each month with new forecasts.

Sophisticated info made easy.

The app takes complex raw model output and transforms it into easy-to-decipher, cleanly-presented global forecasts. Beautiful global visualisations and a town/city look-up interface. You have the latest information direct from research-grade modelling.

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The development story.

Craig Wallace


I’m a climate research and data scientist and I moved into wider programming a few years ago, eventually into app and web development. My research work involved climate & weather model output, often preparing data projections for climate impact-type work – now via my own consultancy. I’m passionate about bringing research-grade climate and weather science to wider audiences, The ESD Seasonal Forecaster is a product of that passion. Other contributors to the project include Ashley Whitehair who helped develop parts of the front-end and elements of the app package. The ESD Seasonal Forecaster is a totally private development.  No public, private or research funds were involved in the development at all.  Just some long days and some solid strong coffee! 


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